I’m still feeling elated after our session!! I really feel as if I’ve found something that will add a new and remarkable dimension. - Private Yoga Student

Yoga shone it’s way into Harriet's life many years ago. It’s light glowing brighter and more prominent as her mind, body and spirit expression grew. From a young age, dancing gave her the space to move, while acting gave her the space to simply ‘be’ in the present moment. Yoga would ultimately form the yoke that would bind her two passions together and offer her energetic soul a sanctuary of relief from judgment and competition.

Whilst studying, Harriet focused increasingly on her Yoga and this accompanied her through her Performing Arts training in Rome. Never far from her faded mat, her love of lying down in shavasana is what gave her a rock strength throughout her acting career. To simply 'be' in the present moment requires incredible trust in oneself in order to let go and surrender all attachments. It is an ongoing journey through life to samadhi (enlightenment) and it may never be achieved, but that doesn’t matter and Yoga won’t judge you for it. Just as you won’t be judged for not being the most flexible, or for not remembering all the Sanskrit names.

Harriet passionately believes that Yoga is for “Every Body” and Everybody deserves the opportunity to have Yoga in their lives. You don’t need to practice for hours a day, just allowing yourself a few minutes of quiet mindfulness within your precious 24 hours will support your parasympathetic nervous system and will likely lower your 21st century over stimulated blood pressure.

To sit for a moment and gather your anxious, maybe exhausted body together is not a luxury, it’s necessity and no one deserves this more than you.

Harriet is currently completing her 500 hour British Wheel of Yoga Diploma and hopes to continue to travel the world both as dedicated student and inspired teacher. When she is not on her mat, she can be found acting, painting, writing and exploring the wonder of nature and insects with an inquisitive toddler.